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Welcome to DIX!
DIX offers three dictionaries for German, Spanish and English. These dictionaries are free, fast and simple to use! They offer you the following advantages:
  • Translation of words, terms and sayings
  • myDIX to collect, practice, and share vocabulary lists
  • An intuitive user interface - no need to type accents or special characters, just type 'n' instead of 'ñ', 'ae' instead of 'ä', etc.
  • Several forums for user discussions - e.g., to meet people or ask for translations
  • A dedicated error management system to quickly respond to error reports and thus constantly improve the quality of the dictionary
  • The results are linked to additional resources such as grammar, verb conjugation or context information
  • User involvement: you can suggest new translations, vote and comment on other user's contributions
  • The vocabulary includes terminology from approximately 40 areas, such as medicine or computer science
Once you have entered one of the dictionaries, a number of options will become available to control the behavior of the dictionary and can be set in the preferences (no login required). In addition, you will experience "DIX-Live": as you type, words in alphabetic order are suggested. Use the arrow keys or the mouse to select one.

You are forwarded to each dictionary through the search mask. In addition, we offer independent url's that can be remembered easily for direct access to the dictionaries:
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